Sunday, 5 May 2013


I decided to look at some hotel images that could be used for the hotels website that Im mocking up, something that is contemporary and creative with a Parisian style, or a style that could be transformed with my logo and branding.

POEMS & HATS suite design Matthieu Paillard, poems Olivier Saillard
An ambiance of greys and blacks evokes the world of haberdashery. The individual shines through by virtue of his absence in this suite. The poems of Olivier Saillard, printed on paper transformed into wood, hang from lamps, bedposts, armchairs and the attached price tags render commercial value obsolète replacing cost figures with short poems. 
I feel the direction of style has changed slightly throughout designing, I want my hotels interior and branding to look contemporary and stylish, however because of my background research and the rich history of France and Pairs I want some of the traditional aspects of French culture to come through, such as cuisine and content of some branding i.e cocktail menu (cocktails named after french poets, however menu still designed in a contemporary and stylish way.)
Created with Hotel Daniel's idea of 'Smart Luxury' for the modern traveller in mind, the simple black and white graphics and clever details really hit the mark. 

With locations in Graz and Vienna, I especially love the look of the Daniel Bakery in the Vienna hotel, with its bright interior, vintage styling and relaxed vibe. Culinary delights from around the world, including a range of specialty desserts and bakery treats, are available to guests as well as locals.
I think for my branding I need to keep in mind this: 'Smart Luxury' for the modern traveller.  I feel this could sum up the look and branding of the hotel nicely, with an underlining of rich French history and culture.

Creators Inn by Elvine, Stockholm. Now open.

I want to take elements from these designs to hopefully envisage what my hotel could potentially look like, most of these are aimed at people who enjoy travelling and the creative.  This is something I would like to think about as the audience would be the same type of people.

On August 1th we opened the first hotel-in-hotel version of Creators Inn by Elvine at Hotel Scandic Malmen in Stockholm. Located in the heart of the SoFo area, this offers a stay in direct proximity to culture, shopping and within walking distance to some of Stockholm’s best live music venues, including Lilla Hotellbaren located on the ground floor of the hotel. Basically an ideal hub for any creator visiting the Swedish capital.
The room have been re-designed based on answers to the questions below:
  1. What are the most important needs of a traveling creator? How do they differ from “regular” guests?
  2. What would your ultimate room for creators look like? What kind functions, products and services would be provided for the visiting creators?

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